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Tire calculator


If you like to alter your car it may be useful for you. Especially if you want to install new disks and (or) new tires. The question is in the circuit. How long it is. For example your car tires size is 165/70-R13 and you want to install wider tires (Because your car will look better in that case. By the way, if you use wider tires cohesion will be better too.), so you decide to install something like 195/?-R13. How to choose the appropriate size? (At least you want the speedometer of your car to show right speed.) In this case you can use this calculator. Set the original size as 165/70-R13 and a new size 195/...-R13. Then select the second parameter in a way to get minimal persent of difference. Solution will be 195/60-R13. Or another example you want to install new disks R14 and of course ;-) wider tyres. Select 195/...-R14 then perform the same operations and you'll see the most suitable size will be 195/55-R14.